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From the Public Media Alliance, a podcast which uncovers and provides insights into the world of public interest media. We’ll be asking the biggest questions facing the industry: What are the threats facing trusted, independent media? How can public media remain relevant and best demonstrate their value in the digital age? How do we keep journalists safe? Every month, we’ll be tackling these issues, and speaking to prominent commentators and practitioners about what answers and solutions are out there.

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Monday Jul 25, 2022

How does public media ensure it's connected with its audience, being trusted, providing value, and remaining relevant? This episode looks at how Swedish Radio is using technology to advance these goals. Presented: Harry Lock. Interviewees: Cilla Benkö (Swedish Radio), Chloe Howcroft (PMA), and Jenny Johnsson Roos (Swedish Radio). Music: Tom Brazier, Lucas Thompson & Rachel Still. 

Monday Jun 27, 2022

An examination of three countries which show how changes in government can often mean drastic changes for public media organisations. Presented: Harry Lock. Guests: Carolina Barreto, Helena Milinkovic, and Terry Flew. Music: Lucas Thompson, Rachel Still, Tom Brazier.

Monday May 30, 2022

A panel examining the varied threats facing journalism. Presented by CBC/Radio-Canada. Moderator: Hannah Storm. Edited: Harry Lock. Guests: Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams MBE (Reuters), Margaret Evans (CBC), Isabella Higgins (ABC), Mike Wendling (BBC). Music: Lucas Thompson, Rachel Still, Tom Brazier.

Monday Apr 25, 2022

A panel session exploring the dangers journalists face online, and how they can stay safe. Presented by Desilon Daniels. Edited by Harry Lock. Guests: Joe Hill, Lucy Westcott, and Nicolle White (ABC). Music: Lucas Thompson, Rachel Still and Tom Brazier.

Monday Mar 28, 2022

Could embracing digital media be the key to preserving public media's relevance to society and to democracy? Edited & Presented by Harry Lock. Guests: Marius Dragomir & Paul Thompson. Music: Lucas Thompson, Rachel Still and Tom Brazier.

Tuesday Mar 22, 2022

How have the past 100 years of public media led to today? What are the struggles public media faces today? Edited & presented by Harry Lock. Interviewees: PMA's CEO, Sally-Ann Wilson & PMA's deputy CEO, Kristian Porter. Music by Lucas Thompson & Rachel Still.


What is the Public Media Alliance?

We’re the largest global association of public media organisations, with members spread across six continents. We advocate for the principles of public media such as independence and accountability, and speak out when we see these principles being undermined or compromised. We also run a number of media development projects around the world. 


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