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From the Public Media Alliance, a podcast which uncovers and provides insights into the world of public interest media. We’ll be asking the biggest questions facing the industry: What are the threats facing trusted, independent media? How can public media remain relevant and best demonstrate their value in the digital age? How do we keep journalists safe? Every month, we’ll be tackling these issues, and speaking to prominent commentators and practitioners about what answers and solutions are out there.

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Monday Dec 19, 2022

In the final episode in our miniseries on media freedom, we look at the Global Task Force for Public Media – a grouping of eight leaders of public service media organisations – and examine what role it can play in fighting for media freedom and journalist safety. It comes just after the head of SVT, Hanna Stjärne – a GTF member – was listed as an intended target by a convicted murderer and neo-Nazi. 
The GTF was established in 2020, and is formed of the ABC, BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, France Télévisions, KBS, RNZ, SVT, and ZDF. 
Presenter: Harry Lock. Guests: Hanna Stjärne (SVT), Catherine Tait (CBC/Radio-Canada), Paul Thompson (RNZ), David Anderson (ABC). Music: Lucas Thompson, Rachel Still and Tom Brazier. 

Monday Nov 28, 2022

Media freedom is under threat, as we explored in our previous episode. In this episode, we look at what's being done about it... We look at the techniques used by civil society groups to bolster media freedom in different countries. We speak to the President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada about their campaign to improve journalist safety against online harm. And we consider the strength of the Media Freedom Coalition – a government entity set up 3 years ago to improve media freedom. 
Presenter: Harry Lock. Guests: Silvia Chocarro (Article 19), Martin Scott (UEA), Catherine Tait (CBC/Radio-Canada), & Jessica White (Freedom House). Music: Tom Brazier, Rachel Still, Lucas Thompson. 

Wednesday Nov 02, 2022

What are the different threats to media freedom across the world? How are they manifesting and who's behind them? We speak to journalists & media professionals about the current global situation.
Presenter: Harry Lock. Guests: Silvia Chocarro (Article 19) Judy King (BBC Monitoring), Marcela Turati, Jessica White (Freedom House). Music: Tom Brazier, Rachel Still, Lucas Thompson. 

Monday Sep 26, 2022

As the BBC celebrates its 100th Anniversary in October, we look ahead to the future. Live from the Radiodays Asia conference, this episode examines how public media can and should work with tech to maintain accessibility.
Presenter: Harry Lock. Host: Radiodays Asia. Guests: David Hua (SBS), Richard Sutherland (RNZ), & Sopit Wangvivatana (Thai PBS). Music: Rachel Still & Lucas Thompson.

Monday Sep 05, 2022

How are public media organisations decarbonising, and becoming greener, more sustainable corporations? And how are they becoming resilient in the face of the climate crisis? Presenter: Chloe Howcroft; Editor: Harry Lock; Guests: Léa Nogier, Tae Inui, Dr Jens Müller, and Mohamed Arif Islam; Music: Lucas Thompson, Rachel Still & Tom Brazier. 

Monday Sep 05, 2022

How does public media ensure it's connected with its audience, being trusted, providing value, and remaining relevant? This episode looks at how Swedish Radio is using technology to advance these goals. Presented: Harry Lock. Interviewees: Cilla Benkö (Swedish Radio), Chloe Howcroft (PMA), and Jenny Johnsson Roos (Swedish Radio). Music: Tom Brazier, Lucas Thompson & Rachel Still. 

Monday Jun 27, 2022

An examination of three countries which show how changes in government can often mean drastic changes for public media organisations. Presented: Harry Lock. Guests: Carolina Barreto, Helena Milinkovic, and Terry Flew. Music: Lucas Thompson, Rachel Still, Tom Brazier.

Monday May 30, 2022

A panel examining the varied threats facing journalism. Presented by CBC/Radio-Canada. Moderator: Hannah Storm. Edited: Harry Lock. Guests: Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams MBE (Reuters), Margaret Evans (CBC), Isabella Higgins (ABC), Mike Wendling (BBC). Music: Lucas Thompson, Rachel Still, Tom Brazier.

Monday Apr 25, 2022

A panel session exploring the dangers journalists face online, and how they can stay safe.
Presented by Desilon Daniels. Edited by Harry Lock. Guests: Joe Hill, Lucy Westcott, and Nicolle White (ABC). Music: Lucas Thompson, Rachel Still and Tom Brazier.

Monday Mar 28, 2022

Could embracing digital media be the key to preserving public media's relevance to society and to democracy?
Edited & Presented by Harry Lock. Guests: Marius Dragomir & Paul Thompson. Music: Lucas Thompson, Rachel Still and Tom Brazier.


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